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Rising College Tuition

Following the Money: Where is it NOT going? Textbooks and Professors Data show that 75.9 cents of every dollar students pay for textbooks will be received by the publishers. From this, 11.5 cents will be forwarded to the authors of

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Signs of the Shared Economy

Open Education in Practice OpenCourseWare (OCW) After a pilot year of publishing 50 courses on line in 2002, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) began publishing all of its courses on line where they are available to anyone in the world

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Scholarship Statistics

Student Scholarship Usage In 2013 39% of college students used scholarships to fund their education; scholarships awarded averaged $8,349 per student according to Sallie Mae. Athletic Scholarships The National Collegiate Athletic Association points out that roughly two percent of high

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Myths and Misinformation

Clearing Up Common Misconceptions About Higher Education Myth #1:  College graduates have such a difficult time finding jobs, college is not worth the investment. Data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics data show an unemployment rate of more than

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A Look at the Books

Textbook Costs According to College Board college textbook and supply costs average $1200 per year.   Some efforts to address these costs include: Going Without A 2013 survey of 2039 students conducted by Student PIRGs found that 65% of college students

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Money, Money, Money

How Students Are Paying for Education in the U.S. Financial Aid/Loans/Grants/Scholarships American Student Assistance reports that according to The Chronicle of Higher Education of the 20 million students enrolled in college each year 60% take out some form of loans

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