Rising College Tuition

Following the Money: Where is it NOT going?

Textbooks and Professors

Data show that 75.9 cents of every dollar students pay for textbooks will be received by the publishers. From this, 11.5 cents will be forwarded to the authors of the textbooks. This leaves 64.4 cents out of every textbook dollar (or almost 65%) that will be retained by the publishers.

Faculty Salaries

In 2011, 50% of the faculty at degree-granting institutions was full-time.   In the past ten years, full-time faculty salaries at public two-year institutions have decreased by 2.5 percent.

50% of the faculty at degree-granting institutions was adjunct or part time.  Adjunct faculty have no benefits, no job security, and no guarantee of number of classes or schedules.   They often have no office, no access to copiers, computers, phones or college e-mail system.


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