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Reach More, Teach More

Differentiated Instruction in the Higher Ed Classroom There are upwards of 87,000 drink combinations available at Starbucks.  People’s needs and preferences vary—Starbucks makes an effort to address these variations via their drink offerings.  Starbucks Q2 revenues for FY 14 were

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Higher Education and People with Disabilities

A Look at the Numbers U.S. Census data indicate that 19% of the population was living with a disability in 2010. In 2007-2008 11.8% of college students were living with a disability. ________ Works Cited The National Center for Education

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“ . . . higher education shall be equally accessible to all”

Access to Higher Education After World War II, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was drafted to guarantee human rights for every person.  It was adopted by the U.N. General Assembly in 1948. Article 26, Section 1 says: Everyone has

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